Download The Post Lockdown Playbook For Employee Transportation


Designed to prevent the virus transmission,

Routematic's risk mitigation features

will keep your people & business secure post lockdown

Social Radius Support
The social radius feature in our routing module limits the number of unique co-passengers an employee can be exposed to. This feature is designed to isolate groups in your transport network to prevent the spread of the virus.
Red, Amber Green Zone Support In Routing
In line with the MHA guidelines, Routematic's new feature will be able to map employees to the Red, Amber and Green Zones so that employees from the containment zones can be isolated accordingly.
Routing Tags For Essential Employees
Routematic has always had support for special routing tags. Please use this feature to identify business critical employees for whom special routing is required e.g. single occupancy vehicles for key resources in every project.
Contact Tracing
Routematic's contact tracing feature will enable organizations trace all employees who have travelled with any COVID-19 positive case. This will allow organizations to quickly quarantine the affected employees and break the chain.
Contactless Check-In Check-Out
Routmatic's has always endorsed contactless check in and check out with trip-based OTPs. The OTP is changed for every trip. Employees are encouraged to share the OTP with the driver instead of punching it theselves in the driver's phone.
Red, Amber Green Zone based broadcast messaging
Routematic has always supported broadcast messaging through its app. This messaging service has been further enhanced to broadcast zone specific messages.
EHS Module For Transport Operations
This module will allow your operations team to secure EHS compliance for your transport operations. Specifics like sanitization of vehicles before the trips, confirmation of drivers wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizers can be cross-checked using this module.
Digital Training Platform For Drivers
Routematic has introduced a digital training platform in its driver app. Customers can create and share videos to train drivers on important aspects of health and hygiene and much more. The digital training platform will ensure that drivers do not need to come on campus in large groups to get trained.

Download The Post Lockdown Playbook For Employee Transportation

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