Benefits Of Employee Transport Automation


It is a well-established fact that any software automation brings the advantages of digitization. As a result, the team efficiency increases and the cost of operations goes south. But this is not it. Companies can derive the real value out of any automation through optimization process. The automation brings in heaps of data that can be visualized and the insights can be used to tweak the current processes and take business decisions. Automation is just the first step of the transformation journey, while optimization is the destination the company should aim for. Routematic help clients in this transformational journey and takes them from automation to optimization, while delivering the benefits in below segments:


  • IVR & App based safe drop confirmation is done through technology.
  • Automated guard deployment & Robust guard check-in verification through OTP on Guard’s mobile.
  • Number masking facility ensures that all coordination with driver is done without sharing the number with the driver.
  • Real-time tracking for female only cabs possible through GPS & Driver mobile phone.
  • SOS Facility available to report an emergency.


  • 100% paperless environment with all data stored securely on the cloud.
  • All compliance is stored online and software can set a reminder on expiry of any document related to cab and driver.
  • All calls between employees, transport desk and drivers are recorded for quality & training purposes.
  • 100% automated billing ensures maximum transparency.
  • Any report at a trip, employee, vendor, cost centre level can be extracted for any duration for audit.


  • Actual kms vs estimated kms based costing results in 5-10% cost difference – This is possible after analysing billing information for at least 3 months
  • Daily roster by employees is ideal and easy to manage; This will produce accurate route plans and better vehicle occupancy – usually a 6-8% cost reduction is witnessed
  • Manual billing & Reconciliations is prone to errors – 1-3% cost reduction


  • Employees have the opportunity to provide feedback at any given time.
  • Action on the feedback and investigation is easy as all data related to routes, timing, overspeeding, telephonic conversation is available for every trip.
  • Time deviation based automated routing could ensure that employee’s travel time is reduced to a minimum during cab sharing; Routematic prescribes 15 mins travel time deviation.
  • All cab requests/changes can happen on a mobile phone.
  • Any cab related info can be obtained using unmanned call centre through a registered mobile phone.


  • Managing penalties is easy as all information is recorded. Eg. Arrival time at each employee location is recorded making it easy to track if it was an employee, driver or traffic delay.
  • All trips are tracked based on geolocation. So if a cab is deployed, but does not hit any of the employee or office geolocation, such trips can be flagged and investigated. Moreover, it is difficult to game the system when everything is technology enabled based on phone & geo location-based tracking.
  • Employees who do regular no-shows can be flagged with an automatic trigger email to their supervisor.