Why Choose Routematic

Cost Optimization

Reduce Transportation Cost by upto 30%

A complete end to end employee transportation solution which optimizes the gross mileage and travel time while maintaining employee satisfaction and comfort.


Employee safety is our first priority

With custom made RFID tracking device with built-in panic button & female aware routing support during dark hours, Routematic sets the standard in staff safety during travel.

Reduce Waiting Time

Reduced employee wait time during pick up

Routematic’s Travelert engine continuously keeps your employees updated through SMS on the actual arrival times of their respective cabs, including delays due to traffic.

Tracking & Booking

IVR and SMS based Cab Tracking & Booking

Your employees can get location updates, book or cancel flexi-cabs (ad-hoc booking), or talk to transport help-desk or cab drivers through just a single IVR number.

All Features


Routematic supports both web and mobile based rostering for employee transportation. Roster rights can either be given to the employees directly or can be retained with the SPOC. Routematic supports daily, weekly and monthly rostering. The system can be configured to open rostering on a specific day of the week or month and then close the same.


Routematic has been the industry pioneer for automated routing for employee transportation. We support several routing variants such as route replication, learning based routing and our patented deviation based routing algorithm. Routematic’s routing algorithm is fast and accurate and generates the routing output for a shift of 2500 employees in less than 5 seconds. Routematic’s deviation based routing algorithm for employee transportation allows the organization to lance employee comfort parameters with cost and delivers routing output with 100% accuracy. Routematic’s routing algorithm guarantees that none of the routes will violate the employee comfort parameters of the organization and the cost of the shift cannot be lowered by any manual edits unless the employee comfort parameters are violated. Routematic’s routing algorithm also supports fleet mix modelling for employee transportation.

Vehicle Tracking

Routematic enables the transport team as well as the employees to track vehicles in real time using GPS data. GPS data comes from the GPS device fitted in the vehicle and/or the driver trip sheet phone which is provided to the driver. The transport team can track all vehicles in the Routematic employee transport system on a map interface along with details of the employees in the vehicles. Employees can also track their vehicle Routematic has pioneered the No Capex model for employee transport automation. Existing 3rd party GPS devices in the vendor’s fleet can be easily integrated with the Routematic employee transport automation software. e-Tripsheet phones can be implemented in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model i.e. the Routematic e-Tripsheet application can be installed in the driver’s own Android smart phone thereby eliminating the need for the organization or the fleet operator to invest in new handsets.

Real Time Occupancy Monitoring

Routematic employee transport solution provides the transport team with real time gender coded vehicle occupancy information. Whenever an employee boards the vehicle the employee ‘checks in’ to the trip via the employee mobile application or the driver mobile application. The employee ‘check in’ data is immediately available to the transport command centre on the Routematic dashboard. Similarly, whenever the employee de-boards from the vehicle, the employee ‘checks out’ from the trip and the real time information is available to the transport command centre on the Routematic dashboard.

Employee Number Masking

A big security hole in the employee transport process is that employee numbers are shared with drivers for trip coordination. Routematic employee transportation solution has an employee number masking system which addresses this security concern by allowing drivers and employees to connect via a cloud telephony network before the pick up without the need to share the employee and driver numbers. To speak to an employee, the driver taps on the clicl-2-call icon against the employee name in the e-Tripsheet application. On this action, the driver receives a call from the Routematic unmanned contact centre number. Once the driver picks up the call, the unmanned contact centre automatically conferences the driver with the employee without the driver number being visible. The same flow is present when the call is initiated by the employee.


Paper adds anywhere between Rs. 0.5 to 0.75p to the cost of every trip in addition to increasing the carbon footprint of the organization. Routematic eliminates paper from the employee transport process completely thereby enabling organizations to adopt a more greener solution while also reducing cost and delivering greater flexibility. Routematic’s e-Tripsheet application can be downloaded by the drivers carrying an Android smartphone. All trips given to the driver can be viewed and executed via this application.

Automated billing

Routematic supports completely automated and system generated billing along with a billing audit module. By automating the billing process for employee transport, Routematic clients can harvest 2% savings in transport billing by eliminating manual reconciliation errors. Routematic supports all the prevalent billing models in employee transportation such as trip based, locality based, package based, per PAX based, KM based and so on. Routematic’s billing module support customization as per the customer’s requirement as well.

Statutory Compliance

Ensuring Vehicle and driver compliance has been the bug bear of any organization providing employee transportation service especially from an audit and control perspective. Maintaining compliance and validity on more than half a dozen statutory requirements such as PUC, road tax, fitness, permit etc. is a challenge for most organizations. Routematic helps organizations address this problem by automating the statutory compliance check process. The system automatically generates reminders intimating the expiry of the important compliance documents. Any vehicle which has an expired compliance document is automatically deactivated and is not assigned any trip thereby ensuring 100% compliance.

Unmanned Contact Center

In any employee transport operation, the transport helpdesk is inundated with calls from employees. The transport helpdesk headcount has to be increased whenever there is an increase in the transport user base which makes it difficult and costly to scale up operations quickly. Routematic’s unmanned contact centre uses a text to speech engine to answer over 90% of the inbound calls from transport users without requiring any human intervention thereby breaking this linear relationship and allowing organizations to scale transport operations fast enough to support a growing employee transport user base. More importantly, the unmanned contact centre disseminates transport related information faster to employees thereby improving the employee experience.

Audit and Forensic

The most crucial and difficult activity for transport managers has been the variance study and reporting between planned versus actual on all operational and cost metrics. Routematic provides a comprehensive audit and forensics module which allows the transport manager to review this variance in the organizations employee transportation process. Employee transportation is also one of the most audited business processes for any organization. Routematic’s Audit & Forensics module ensures that the organization’s employee transportation process is always audit ready with detailed trail for each and every trip.

Automated Safe Drop Confirmation

To ensure the safety of female employees availing company provided transport, organizations have traditionally had their helpdesk staff call all female transport users during dark hour trips. This is a manual calling process and not only is it costly but also time consuming and limits the organization’s ability to detect and respond to any emergency. Routematic has automated the female safe drop confirmation process in employee transportation. During dark hour trips, Routematic automatically generates IVR calls to female employees just after their drop to seek confirmation of their safe drop through the IVR system. Any non-response is immediately escalated to the transport operations team allowing them to react quickly.

Guard Planning

As per NASSCOM guidelines, organizations providing employee transportation are required to ensure that all female employees are never alone in a cab and are accompanied by a security escort or marshall. Routematic’s security escort planning module helps organizations maintain 100% compliance on all trips requiring guards thereby ensuring the safety and security of female employees who use company transport.

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