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The Statesman- 31st Ocotber, 2018

Headline- Routematic makes corporate commutation stress-free

 The story is an exclusive piece highlighting Routematic as a one-stop solution for the corporate commutation and how it is making commutation stress-free on the roads of Pune and Bangalore. The article also showcases the growth and expansion plans of Routematic.


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The Hindu- August 23rd, 2018

Headline: Tech route beating the commuting blues

The story focusses on how corporates are using technological solutions to manage their transport services, the trip to office is becoming more software-driven on the offbeat destinations that seemed to have recorded a higher % of footfall as compared to the previous years.  The story includes the quote of Mr. Das sharing a perspective behind the benefits of technology in the transport industry.


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Incubate IND- August 17th, 2018

Headline- Over 200 million data points are fed into our system to improve our prediction of traffic patterns at every corner of the city- Surajit Das, Routematic

Basis the interaction with Mr. Das, the story talks about the evolution of Routematic and how its solution is helping the corporates seamlessly


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ET AutoAugust 21st, 2018

Headline- Routematic plans to add 2000 cabs to its fleet across 3 cities by December 2018

Routematic currently operates its fleet of technology integrated vehicles in Pune and with its recent introduction of fleet in Bangalore and upcoming launch in Delhi, Routematic is set to become a multicity fleet operator – a feat that only a handful of fleet operators can boast.


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Deccan Herald 17th September, 2018

Headline- App based, exclusive office commute cabs enter city

 The story highlights Routematic as a leader in corporate transportation and has emerged in Bengaluru as an alternative to Ola and Uber without letting travellers worry about the surge-pricing or the unpredictability of commute time.


Circulation: 2,53,253

Yourstory 5th September, 2018

Headline: Meet Routematic, a startup solving your daily office commute problems

Story appeared post the interaction with Mr. Das on the operations of Routematic. The news features highlights Routematic as a statrt-up providing solution for daily commutation.


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Business World People: 10th September, 2018

Headline- The environment is not a CSR initiative for us, it is our mainstream business concern

Story appeared post the interaction with Mr. Das highlighting his thoughts on how corporate car rental space is becoming the need of the industry and how Routematic have noticed several companies extend office commute services to employees as a perk.


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Millennium Post 14th September, 2018

Headline- Commute smart through technology

Post the article got published by IANS and got covered  by few CAT A online portals, it was also carried in print.

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Qrius 14th September, 2018

Headline-  Every workplace must invest in tech for employee transportation; here’s why

The authored article portrays Mr. Das’s expert inputs on how companies can improve the satisfaction and productivity of the employees by making transportation easier for them. The article also suggests on how artificial intelligence system is better than the traditional way of working.


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Deccan Chronicle – Jan 2, 2019

The cab sharing model that eases woes of city’s office-goers

Fleet service provider Routematic, which entered the market five months ago, is based on an innovative idea of corporate commutation, where corporate employees of a business park can share commute with fellow commuters from the same locality.


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Economic Times – Jan 5, 2019

Urban commuter startups on the route to profitability

The primary customers of these startups are employees at IT companies. Experts estimate the size of the urban commute market in India’s top cities at between $8 billion and $12 billion.


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Bloomberg Quint – Jan 7, 2019

The 2019 Agenda For India’s Startups And Venture Capital

Some of the biggest uses of artificial intelligence / machine learning / internet of things are being actively applied to such traditional brick and mortar businesses. Locus, Zenatix (now part of Hero Electronics), Nivaata (and its Routematic platform) are some good examples.


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Quartz India – Feb 1, 2019

Who are the winners and losers in India’s Budget 2019?

The ruling Narendra Modi government has milked its last chance to woo voters.

After losing key state elections, it was expected to introduce several populist measures in its annual budget today (Feb. 01). And that’s just what it did. With only a few months to go for India’s general elections, interim finance minister Piyush Goyal announced several measures to win over farmers, salaried employees, the real estate sector, and even startups.


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