February 12 2020

Routematic Fleet Is Now Available In Bangalore

Routematic is well deployed in Bangalore with customers across all the major IT parks such as Ecospace & Ecoworld in the Bellandur area, Whitefield, Manyata Tech Park, Bagmane Tech Park etc, Global Village Tech Park. There are over 30000 employees from various enterprises who use Routematic to manage their daily commute.

Routematic offers both employee transport automation technology as well as technology integrated fleet services in Bangalore. Employee transportation is challenging in Bangalore due to traffic congestion and metro construction work. With unpredictable and long travel times, both employees are drivers are stressed. Employees commute for nearly 3 hours daily which reduces overall productivity. Drivers are unable to execute more than 5 trips in 12 hours which means that they are unable to generate the minimum revenue required to provide the return on their investment in the vehicle. With high attrition of drivers and vehicles to the cab aggregators, Bangalore also faces a significant fleet shortage when it comes to employee transportation. Considering that the Bangalore fleet market is primarily a trip based market, customers often have challenges in ensuring that every vehicle which turns up for a trip is equipped with GPS devices, driver trip sheet phones and SOS buttons which are integrated with the TMS solution of the company.

To solve these challenges and enable our customers to achieve 100% statutory and technology compliance, Routematic has introduced its own fleet of vehicles which are pre-integrated with Routematic TMS. With Routematic fleet every trip is now trackable in real time and allows for 100% booking-to-billing automation. Routematic employee transportation solution has been built keeping in mind that our customers will also operate fleet from other vendors. To provide a completely CAPEX and hardware rental free solution, Routematic has built an IoT platform which supports integration of of any 3rd party GPS device present in the vehicle with the Routematic employee transport management system. Routematic’s innovations have made it the clear leader in employee transportation solutions in Bangalore.