Why choose Routematic ?

Why Choose Routematic

Cost Optimization

Reduce Transportation Cost by upto 30%

A complete end to end employee transportation solution which optimizes the gross mileage and travel time while maintaining employee satisfaction and comfort.


Employee safety is our first priority

With custom made RFID tracking device with built-in panic button & female aware routing support during dark hours, Routematic sets the standard in staff safety during travel.

Reduce Waiting Time

Reduced employee wait time during pick up

Routematic’s Travelert engine continuously keeps your employees updated through SMS on the actual arrival times of their respective cabs, including delays due to traffic.

Tracking & Booking

IVR and SMS based Cab Tracking & Booking

Your employees can get location updates, book or cancel flexi-cabs (ad-hoc booking), or talk to transport help-desk or cab drivers through just a single IVR number.

All Features

Web Based Roster

Web based shift roster tool can be accessed by employees (or their managers/ SPOC) through their favourite browser on their PC’s, or even directly through their mobile phones!

1 Min Routing

5SR routing algorithm handles thousands of employees spread across multiple sites using any fleet mix and generates tripsheets in less than a minute!

Real Time Monitoring

Take control of your fleet’s whereabouts with Routematic’s advanced tracking dashboard – enabled through Verayu Yantra dedicated tracking device or an Android client application!

SMS Based Traking

SMS and IVR based vehicle location enquiry facility for employees including automated SMS based vehicle arrival and departure alerts

Faster Cab Booking

Routing algorithm takes less than 1 min to allocate a vehicle based on employee’s drop request while ensuring minimum vehicle occupancy constraints are not violated

Staff Boarding Info

Real time employee (de)boarding notifications and MIS tools help you with post facto analysis to resolve day to day conflicts and to enforce discipline!

Paperless Tripsheets

Go paperless by deploying Routematic mobile application in your cabs, and totally eliminating the need for paper tripsheets!

Billing & Compliance

Fleet vendor management, vehicle & driver compliance and billing modules equip you to stay on top of your transport facilities operations at all times

Why We Are Industry Leaders?

Advanced Tracking Device

  • Proprietary device, manufactured by Nivaata Systems
  • Tracks in both GPS and non-GPS scenarios
  • Matchbox size and weighs just 66grams (including battery)
  • Up to 1.8 meters location accuracy
  • Remotely configurable
  • 15+ days battery life
  • Concealed installation
  • Disconnection alerts, accurate distance (km) capturing capability, halt alerts, vehicle movement and speed capture

Android Trip Sheet Display

  • Dynamic Trip-sheet generation
  • Employee boarding and de-boarding information capture through secure PIN given to the employee
  • Navigation on the tripsheet route
  • Notifications on adding/ deleting any employee from the tripsheet

Routing And Deployment

Routematic is powered by Nivaata’s patented routing algorithm. Routing is automated and the trip sheet output is generated in a single click operation. Routematic provides an interface through which the transport manager can configure the organizations’ transport policy which serve as input parameters for Routing. Routing output is generated to ensure adherence to the configured transport policy parameters.Examples of transport policy parameters are:

  • Minimum acceptable vehicle occupancy
  • Maximum allowed vehicle occupancy
  • Maximum additional distance travelled per employee
  • Escort requirement for last female employee
  • Average vehicle speed

Routing algorithm supports dark hour routing option. If the option is enabled, female employees will not be routed for first pick up or last drop unless accompanied by an escort.

Routematic supports incremental routing where last minute requests can be adjusted in the already created route without disturbing the existing routing output.

Employee Mobile Application


An android phone will be installed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Driver can view the tripsheet details along with the location and route on the map. The tripsheet application has the following features:

  • Generate Panic Alarm
  • Track assigned cab
  • Mark Roster
  • Check-in/ check-out
  • Book Adhoc cabs
  • Mark no-show
  • Connect to the transport admin/driver through IVR
  • Feedback & Complaints
  • Managing profile (Address, Business process, cost center details, etc.)

Driver & Vehicle Management

Extensive driver and vehicle compliance module with document scan features are available in Routematic.

  • Alerts on License expiry, PUC expiry and other expiry / violation events
  • Blacklist vehicle / driver and they will not be included in routing
  • Penalty management module attached to compliances and option to adjust into billing.

MIS & Billing

Routematic supports trip based, kilometer based billing. Billing module can also be customized as per the specifications provided by Client.

Routematic has Extensive reporting capability, more than 50+ downloadable reports like

  • Cost Analysis reports
  • Trip Tracking reports
  • Performance reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Employee reports
  • Driver reports
  • Vehicle reports
  • Escort reports
  • Environment reports
  • Master data reports

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