Employee Transport Services | Routematic

  • 99% Trip Fulfillment:

    Routematic’s unique fleet sourcing strategy, or sourcing vehicles on long term lease, ensures that Routematic is able to service almost 100% of the trips. With a fleet attrition of near 2% per month, Routematic's employee transport service is able to offer highest degree of Predictability of fleet in the industry

  • 100% safe drops:

    Ensuring Safety of female employees is top priority of all Corporates. Routematic’s software provides an automated Female Safe Drop Confirmation through an IVR call, that reduces the workload of calls on the transport desk and improves compliance

  • 100% Paperless:

    Paper trip sheets add 0.25p to the cost of every trip in addition to increasing the carbon footprint of the organization. Routematic’s automated billing and e-trip sheets eliminates the use of paper from the whole process thereby enabling organizations to adopt a greener and a more cost-effective approach towards employee transportation.

  • 98% OTA:

    Routematic uses a combination of big-data analytics and ML/AI in its core engines for route planning, travel-time prediction, predictive fleet dispatch and delay prediction that indexes travel times between selected guide points to maximize the possibility of On-Time Arrival for employee transportation.

  • 100% Compliance:

    Routematic helps organizations maintain compliance by automating the statutory compliance check on PUC, road tax, permits, etc. Routematic’s automated platform generates reminders about the expiry of important compliance documents. Any vehicle with an expired compliance document is automatically deactivated and is not assigned any trip thereby ensuring 100% compliance.

  • 20% cost Reduction:

    Routematic with its AI-powered routing and predictive fleet dispatch significantly reduces No-shows, thereby improving utilization of vehicles. No manpower is required to run this show as Routematic’s automated platform takes care of the entire process from booking to vehicle dispatch and eliminates all kinds of manual intervention required. Its point to point GPS km-based billing system reduces billing leakages optimizing the overall budget allocated to employee transport management system.

  • 1 Min Response Time for SoS:

    Routematic’s robust panic workflow ensures that response time for SoS is under 1 minute enabling the employee transport management team to react swiftly, without wasting precious time.

  • 100% esat:

    With seamless communication between Driver and Employee, easy rostering, live vehicle tracking, instant trip feedback and easy escalation mechanism, Routematic’s clients witness ESAT scores increase from 4.0 to 4.75. Routematic is also the highest rated transportation management services app in the industry with a rating of 4.3 in IOS.